Installation and Configuration
This page lists the general pre-requisites, installation and configuration procedures for Q-Cloud.
Q-Cloud is available in the following methods:
  • AWS Marketplace appliance
AWS Marketplace: Q-Cloud
Refer to the AWS marketplace appliance documentation for further details on installation and configuration.
  • Docker containers that can be installed in a customer's environment including private or public cloud
Contact us at [email protected] for more details.

Setup Q-Cloud in a customer environment

  • Pre-requisites for Q-Cloud software
    • A Linux virtual machine. Preferably Ubuntu 20.x based VM with Docker
    • A minimum of 2 vcpu’s and 8GB of memory
    • A minimum of 50GB disk space
    • Optional - Load balancer with https-based listener, and SSL certificate
    • Pulumi account and token
Pre-requisites for each of the cloud platform that Q-Cloud supports:
  • AWS
    • AWS Account(s)
    • IAM user and a minimum of programmatic access with appropriate permissions
    • Access and secret key(s)
  • Azure
    • Azure Account and Subscription
    • Service principal details including App (Client) ID, Object ID, Tenant ID, Client Secret
The installation and setup of Q-Cloud containers is beyond the scope of this page. Please contact support at [email protected] for a detailed installation guide.
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